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About Us

I want to take a minute to introduce myself and tell a little of the history of J’s Creations! My name is Jamica (the J in J’s Creations 🙂) and I am the owner of J’s Creations based in Alabaster, AL.

I am the wife of Charles and mommy to Makiyah (25) & Kahyanne (22)!…YEP…they are GROWN 😅!!!

 J’s Creations was created in 2016 from the desire to leave the Education Profession and fill my days with things that make me HAPPY!!! Life is waaaay too short to be in spaces that challenge your peace and happiness! I didn’t leave Education completely…I do consultations and school/system/corporation accreditations. I LOVE giving insight and working with other professionals on ways to make improvements that will give all students a better chance at a level playing field and success.

The world of “crafting” wasn’t all together new to me but it was a major change! In order to learn and perfect my craft, I joined Embroidery Clubs (all of the members were retired grandmas 😂 …I was the only youngster and I ABSOLUTELY LOVED it!), attended conferences, networked with people all over the world, attended YouTube University (I haven’t graduated yet…there’s still soooooo much more to learn 😀) and spent countless sleepless nights practicing to ensure I provided the BEST & BADDEST products possible!

I am approaching FIVE years in business and WHEW CHILE…it is an AMAZING ride!!! I am learning new ways to “do” business better each day. I can’t do everything…but the challenges you all provide and the FAITH you have in me and my skills keeps me going 🥰!

2020 was the first year that I actually set business goals! Since starting J’s Creations, I have just been “doing the work” and didn’t have the time to focus on the “other stuff”…which is so very necessary! But hey…we live and we learn…and if we are wise…we do better! Although 2020 was extremely challenging in so many ways for so many, it was a great business year for J’s Creations. NOPE…we haven’t hit millionaire status…YET 😜!

I am super excited about what 2021 and beyond has in store! I have my goals set and the wheels are turning like never before!

I am not perfect but strive daily to provide an EXTRAORDINARY custom shopping experience that makes you feel EXTRAORDINARY in your custom apparel! It’s not easy…but when I tell you it’s ALL WORTH IT…BELIEVE ME!!! 

 My goal is to encourage others to take that leap of faith and do “that thing” that they may not believe they can while looking SUPER CUTE ️😊 !

I have truly been blessed by each of you and I am THANKFUL beyond words for all of your support as we continue to evolve together.

Creatively Yours –


A photo of Jamica